Trifold Gods

Religion of the Trifold Gods

The main religion of the Dorian States it that of the Trifold Gods. It is worshiped mainly among humans and halflings, though there are converts from among the dwarfs and gnomes.

The Gods

The religion of the Trifold Gods beleives in three gods each of three parts which created the world and rule over it.
The first is Ro, god of earth, and rock and minerals. It was Ro that first created the world.
The second is El, who filled the world with air and water and fire and is the god of all elemental things.
The third is Li. Li brought life into the world, creating all of the plants and animals and man life creatures.


Ro is the god of the earth, rocks and minerals. Ro was “The First” of the gods and is considered to be the head of the gods, as without the earth all would fall away to nothingness. She is considered most constant of the gods, slow to arouse to anger, but also deadly when she becomes enraged, shaking the very earth and bringing down or raising up mountains.


El is the god of air, water and fire. Of the three gods it is El who has the largest thirst for power. Craving the title of Ro, “The First”, El created the wind and water and fire to cover over and destroy what Ro created. However, El knows he cannot match Ro for power and therefore uses his elements to wear away slowly at Ro’s creation. El is also jealous of Li, who created conscious beings, because he fears that Li is more worshiped than himself. Thus he sends storms and fires and floods against men so that they fear him.


Li is the god of life; of plants, animals and men. She has the most love out of the three gods for those who worship the gods. Li resents neither of the other gods and understands the need of their creations for hers to work.

The Religious Orders

Each of the three gods has their own Order. This Order is responsible for making offerings to their god and seeking their gods will, however all acolytes acknowledge that though they belong to one god, they serve all.
All acolytes begin learning at the school in Dor, and only after they reach their second awakening are they assigned to one of the Orders.


Magical abilities are a gift from the gods and given to people blessed by the gods. Although you do not need to be in the priesthood, it is expected that those who believe and show abilities will join the order.
For people who use magic but do not believe in the Trifold Gods, they have still been blessed, however they will be punished in eternity for rejecting the source of their blessings. It is okay for true believers to make use of others magical gifts even if they do not believe in the gods.

Trifold Gods

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