Imdôr covers the land from the mountain range in the north to the coast in the south, and from Yor in the east to Edgeport in the west.
Imdôr was once part of the Kingdom of Dor, with Edgeport being the western most point of the kingdom. During the war between the Kingdom of Dor and the Moriathan Emprie, Imdôr became the front line.
The land constantly changed hands n this time, and most people fled the area, except for those who lived in the town known as Hirinsgate. It was too far south to be directly between the fighting, with most of the army movements occurring north of the Adan Forest. The people of the town quickly learnt to pay taxes to whoever turned up, and in doing so managed to avoid the interests of either of the waring nations. It quickly became a haven for smugglers, and merchants wishing to run their business away from the scrutiny of either the Kingdomor the Empire, with neither nation maintaining control in the region long enough to establish any law. It also became a place of safety for the elves, dwarfs, halflings and other races in the region who were considered as little more than animals by the Empire.
The war ended when the Kingdom fractured and the Empire withdrew to strengthen its capital following a rebellion in the west of the empire. From that time the towns in Imdôr have been left to govern themselves.


See Hirinsgate


The second largest town in Imdôr, Felmouth was established as a trade port for the goods coming down the river from Dron.


A military port that was once the edge of the Kingdom of Dor. The empire maintains a token watch at the fort.


A primarily dwarf settlement established as a mine for precious metals. Grown to a reasonable sized mountain town, however at any given time at least a quarter of the town’s population is out in the mountains searching for gold, copper and iron as well as stone. This has lead to systems of house sharing between friends. Goods are sent down the river Fel on barges to be shipped by road or sea from Felmouth.


Both Eastlake and Westlake are smaller towns supporting agricultural fields that surround the open plains around the lake.


A small town consisting of mainly an inn, blacksmiths and several Halfling families seeking to live isolated lives, but close enough to Hirinsgate and Felmouth to have access to comfortable living.


The only majority elf town in Imdôr, although as with all towns in the region it is populated with the other races. The ‘town’ is spread throughout the sparse trees in the area.

Fort and Tradefort

Another old military fort of the Kingdom of Dor. None live in the fort now days however a crossroads town has established on the main rod from the lake towns to the Athrian States.
The town strives as a stop over town for traders and as a waypoint for those seeking the elves in the Yor.
The fort itself has become a place of mystery and spirits.

The Rinwood

The densest forest in Imdôr. Since the war it has become a place of darkness and danger and few now enter the wood. Many tells stories of their braver entering the forest, however those that tell the stories have rearly even walked below the boarder trees. Those that venture further don’t return.

The Adan Forest

A place of hunting and woodsmen. Many seek to cut through the forest on their way from Hirinsgate to Dron. In the last few months there have been tales of bandits in the forest and staling the roads around it from Adandale to Felmouth up to Dron and to Westlake.


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